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Which monitor should I buy?
  blackjacki2, Jun 18 2011

So I need a new computer monitor and I don't know very much about monitor specs/prices so if you want to help me out I would appreciate it.

I am debating between these 2 atm..

23.6" Asus - $169 with $10 mail in rebate for a total of $159


23" Acer - $139.99

I think I am going with the Asus. Is this a good deal and is there anything I am missing? Thanks

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Intense police chase
  blackjacki2, May 24 2011

So awesome

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How do I withdraw from fulltilt?
  blackjacki2, Apr 18 2010

I'm trying to withdraw with method of personal check. I go to the casheir to withdraw and I click "check" and it takes me to this page.

But that page doesn't say anything about withdrawing with personal check. Is it blank for everyone else under "Reccomended withdrawal options"? It seems like something is missing there or that I should be able to click the red text.

I know that you're supposed to send in a photo of ID and proof of address but I don't know which email address I am supposed to send that to. Any help? Thanks.

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